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Why We Love SFI


I’ve spent a good five years earning money off the web, during that time I tried many programs with various success rates but only one has stood the grand test of time, and that’s SFI. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other programs that are authentic and that I use, but SFI differs as the income I earn there is consistent and opportunities abound.

Why? SFI combines the power of network marketing with affiliate offers, as well as penny auctions and games. In short it’s fun, interactive and their training program is second to none.

SFI started almost two decades ago. The power behind it is the millions of affiliate marketers in all corners of the world promoting items sold in the ecommerce store called Tripleclicks. Not just products but games and penny auctions too! The beauty of it is that you can open your own store in Tripleclicks or get others who already sell online to open a store, and because you referred them you earn commission on all goods sold in their store.

I also love that it’s completely free to join and if you have time to invest referring people you never have to invest cash. You can find out more clicking here

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