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What is the FutureSSecured #Happiness App?

app ad1Looking to grow your happiness? Look no further, the Futures Secured Happiness App is coming soon, so Bookmark this Page or like us on Facebook.

The core idea is that we only have one life, but if done right, once is enough. We are all given the same number of hours in a day, the difference between successful people and those less so, is the way they use their time. It should be invested, not spent!

So what is a successful life? We think a happy life is probably the most common answer, but what is happiness? It is a feeling derived from certain chemicals in your brain, and there are activities you can do that release these chemicals. These activities will be presented, monitored and encouraged within the app via modules that promote habits to increase the happy chemicals in your brain. These habits will help build new neuro-pathways in your brain. Each happiness task is linked to a blog post on Futures Secured that presents the science behind the action.

To be happy on a consistent basis we need to grow and spend time in five specific areas of life, we call these the 5 pillars, they are Relationships, Finance, Physical and Mental health, and Spiritual. The app will monitor the areas that you neglect and encourage you to re-evaluate your priorities.

Although mobile the app will be web hosted so there will be no need to download it to your phone.

Another core feature of the Futures Secured Happiness App is the ability to create projects and task that you can share and collaborate on with others. Say for instance you have a project to ‘Eat Healthy’, which is part of your Physical Health pillar. You might create a task to go shopping for health foods. The task could include a shopping list that your wife could access while she was at the mall.

That’s all I can share with you for now, but stay posted as we are in a development frenzy and will be releasing the app within the next two weeks for beta testing. Be sure to Bookmark this Page or like us on Facebook if you want to grow your happiness. Please help to spread the joy and share this news with your friends.

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