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There is a crack, a crack in everything – That’s how the light gets in.

It’s easy to look at other peoples lives and think they are perfect. It isn’t hard either to feel inferior when we compare our humble existence to the apparent greatness of others. Truth is no ones life is perfect all the time, and those that reach greatness have often overcome some of lifes greatest challenges. Greatness is not born, it is created, and the potential for greatness is within each of us.

When something in our life doesn’t feel right, listen! This is our subconscious calling for change! A change in perception or environment. Let’s face it change can be painful ride, which is why so many of us would rather stay in the comfort zone of mediocrity and ignore the call to greatness.

So, in another Sh!t Talking session, where some very real and raw emotions were shared; a statement was made about a painfully difficult situation where the people involved were left feeling like broken souls.

‘We are all broken souls… that is how the light gets in’… Ernest Hemingway once said. ‘There is a crack in everything – That’s how the light gets in’ Leonard Cohen wrote in Anthem. What light did they refer to?

Everyone is broken. We all experience pain, suffering, sadness, loss, disappointment… It is only through these cracks that the light can enter into the darkness and we can experience personal growth.

Social psychologist Morris Massey’s research found that very few people make significant life changes after the age of thirteen. By this point in life, according to Massey, a person’s core level values and strategies are locked in and they rarely if ever change unless the person experiences what Massey terms a “significant emotional event.” This type of event causes the individual to step back, take an inventory of his or her life, and potentially choose a new direction or strategy.

When first facing adversity, we are left with a barrage of emotions and conflicting turmoil. The all consuming darkness that blinds us and limits our true potential! Or we can let the light stream in and choose to surrender to this inner light, our intuition, the inner tutor. Our guide from the collective consciousness! The choice is ours, do we shrink or grow?

It is often easier to indulge the pain. There is always someone else to blame, to validate our position so that we don’t need to make the more painful journey to change.

Menachem Azariah of Fano a medieval author, wrote, “Just as a seed cannot grow to perfection as long as it maintains its original form — growth coming only through decomposition — so these points could not become perfect configurations as long as they maintained their original form, but only by breaking.”

When we start to reflect inward we become aware of our internal environment. At first we may notice a lot of turmoil and noise in a heavy darkness. But as we stay connected and allow the light to enter, it breaks through the darkness and we begin to feel the vibration of our innermost being resonating among the chaos of our inner turmoil.

The healing comes when we surrender to the vibration of the collective consciousness. In time we learn to trust these vibrations and in letting go we surrender ourselves completely to their guidance. This is where we start to live in harmony with the universe and with ourselves.

The more connected we are to these vibrations, the better we begin to know our true authentic self. The more light we allow in; the stronger the vibration and the more guided our healing process and lives become. The depth of the healing depends on the amount of trust we allow towards these vibrations. True healing comes when we are able to surrender ourselves completely and trust in the collective consciousness.

We begin to heal from the inside outwards; and as this healing spreads it spreads with it the light from these innermost teachings from our innermost being. And so we are able to share the healing and the light with others around us.

It is only if we allow ourselves to open up that the light can filter in. And if we surrender completely we may find our path to true healing and happiness. I think the more light you let in…..the brighter you will shine

Crack the shutters open wide…..

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