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Purely Physical #Relationships

Maslows Triangle

I found myself wondered how some people can indulge in purely physical sex? To me emotion gives color to experience so why settle for black and white?

During another Sh!t Talking Up All Night session this subject was explored and it seems Maslow’s Triangle may provide some insights. Love, Sex and Friendship all feature on it. As sex is at the base of the triangle – due to procreation – and love, intimacy and friendship a little higher up the ranks, I guess purely physical sex could be rewarding between people with similar needs. My question though is what happens once the basic need has been fulfilled?

Maslow maintained that once basic needs are met, people desire to evolve upward, perhaps this is why physical relationships seldom last for very long, they either end or evolve into something more meaningful, like friendship or love. Throw sex into those relationships and what do you get?

Love Sex Friendship

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