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I’m sure most of us have heard about using visualization to achieve our dreams. That process of laying back, closing eyes and bringing to mind images of what we desire. When used correctly it is a powerful tool!

To get the most out of visualization it is paramount that you not only see yourself achieving the goal, but you also need to feel it.
If visualization is creating scenes or pictures in your own movie, then seeding is like adding the sound track, only instead of words you are
adding the feelings that accompany the pictures.

Visualization + Seeding = Success

In seeding, you are not primarily interested in the mental pictures of how you’ll achieve your goal, rather it is the physical sensation of accomplishment you’re after: the flushed cheeks, the pounding heart, the sweaty palms. It is more than just hoping or wishing, it is claiming
what you want in the inner world, the world of thought and creative energy.

We all have this power. Our thoughts create our reality, and seeding is merely working with the thought that you already have the thing you want.

Seeding is a mind power exercise that takes five minutes a day, a five-minute burst of energy that you create for yourself regularly, each and every day, without fail. The importance of repetition cannot be overemphasized.

It is repetition and consistency that separate seeding from idle daydreaming. In seeding, you don’t live an illusion. You don’t walk around every day with your head in the clouds literally believing you possess something you don’t. As with all mind power techniques, practicing sporadically here and there will have little effect.

Set yourself up a regular program and keep to it. Regularly seed the feeling that you already have whatever it is you want. It’s yours. Live it. Vibrate with it. Exalt and thrill with it. Claim it, absolutely, as yours. Take possession of it in the inner world.

This was an extract from the Best Selling Book “Mind Power” by John Kehoe

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