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#MatthewTheunissen … Not!

Sh!t talking up all night #MatthewTheunissen

I’ve traveled and lived around the world, submersed in cultures of all skin tones and belief systems, and yes this race thing is despicable, it boils down to one thing. If you are in your deepest darkest insight – which no one else can see – making a distinction and thinking about us and them, then you my friend are a racist!

You find this belief of separateness, differences in just about all societies and cultures around the globe and here in South Africa we’re still suffering the effects of the racist ideologies that were forced upon us making us even more prejudiced than most other places!
This is the reality, not an excuse and if you really want to be part and contribute to the New SA, you will have to teach yourself that we are all the same, products of our genes and our upbringing!

We should be vigilant and not allow others to propagate their vile thoughts and beliefs to anyone else.
Any comment on a race because of the actions of an individual is by definition racist, as you are projecting stereotypes you’ve been taugh onto a whole people. I’m sure you can all grasp the hypocrisy there!!

So even if you say black are so and so, whites are so and so, you must understand that it shows you are making a distinction between the two in your head and letting the world know you are racially profiling people!!

Look for the things you have in common with others, regardless of race, and you will attract like minded people who also want to live a life free from judging or discriminating against others!!

When we cut ourselves……… we all bleed red!! (Just not necessarily EFF Red!)

Song for this Sh!t Talking Up All Night session Black Eyed Peas – One Tribe

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