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Intention … Attention … Action


During a recent session of ‘Sh!t talking up all night’ we got onto the topic of what differentiates the dreams that succeed from those that don’t. What did Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Henry Ford have in common? Did they have other ideas that never came into fruition? I have no doubt that they did, so why then do we associate them with light bulbs, Apple and Ford?

There is much controversy over how many thoughts we each process a day, whether it be 3 or 10 per second, the answer to the above question – I think – is that these men were confronted with an idea that they ‘decided’ to turn into a dream. They then turned their ‘attention’ onto that dream and by doing so consumed more of their ‘thinking time’ on their intention. Finally, because energy flows where attention goes, they were moved to act and through their action came success.

So what did I get out of our ‘Sh!t talking up all night’ session, our legacy comes from where we spend our thoughts. If we constantly focus on the mundane, insignificant, get me through the day kind of thoughts, the results will be insignificant and mundane. It we focus on something greater, so will be the results. It all begins with a statement on intent!

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