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How to Open Your BlockChain Account

joinusGo to https://blockchain.info/
Make sure your URL has Blockchain Luxembourg, S.A.R.L (LU) before the Blockchain.info
You can look around the site by clicking on the menu at the top. Some interesting statistics and graphs, plus a copy of the live public ledger that records each and every BitCoin transaction!!
Now click on wallet in the top menu and click add new.
It will ask you for some details, to choose a user name and to enable 2 step security. For this you could either download Google Authenticator in your App store to your phone, or choose the SMS option. Either way you will have to click a link in your email plus enter an OTP from either Google Authenticator or SMS. I suggest you keep to the SMS so on the screen they ask you to choose your F2A, scroll to the right and you will see the SMS option available.
This is your own wallet. Nobody else can access it, no government or bank and not even ZarFund!!
In fact, the most powerful thing about Zarfund is that no funds EVER go to the program. All transactions are made in Blockchain and we only send proof of payment to Zarfund in order to progress in the Matrix. A world first, made possible by the safety and security of BlockChain!!
Now you will need to fund your account, and unless you have an upline willing to deposit the initial funds for you, you will have to open an AltCoinTrader account.
Go to https://www.altcointrader.co.za/register
Create account by adding your user name and password.
Very easy to then deposit into one of their accounts at either ABSA, FNB or Standard Bank by simply clicking on the Deposit Funds menu and follow instruction for your chosen bank.
Once you have deposited, you can transfer bitcoin to your BlockChain account! Yes, these trading platforms like AltCoinTrader can be used to convert currency. You should only ever have to transfer funds into your blockchain once, as getting 2 people in your team will earn you enough for the next 2 months’ entry of .03BTC.
Contact me when you get here and we’ll get your ZarFund business up and running for you!!
simonhuntfuturessecured@gmail.com or +27840489577 or WhatsApp – BitCoinwithFutureSSecured or
Onwards and Upwards to our new way of life!!

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