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Freedom has Arrived!!

We all know of the problems facing our world today, the fact that our Systems were designed to control us, our Debt based, centrally controlled currencies, our corrupt governments marching to the highest Military/Industrial Complex bidder’s tune, our Education Systems willfully designed to keep us ignorant and divided and Big Pharma making sure we stay sick and dependent to name but a few!!

How do we then remove the hold these Systems have over us?

The Psychopaths that for the most part devised, implemented and still run these Systems today, have their power over us because they control the systems and it’s currency …. debt based paper notes!! So to for once and all break free form their control, we have to stop using their money! As easy as that!

The fantastic news is that in 2009, the perfect technology to achieve this was born!

Crypto Currencies

If you do not know what BitCoin is, or the public ledger called BlockChain, please watch this first before continuing.

What is BitCoin?

Why BitCoin is the Future of Money

If you understand the power and potential of BitCoin, you will surely do almost any thing to get your hands on some, right? What if I tell you that all you have to do is invite two friends (or family if you like them), along on your new lives!

ZarFund is revolutionary, and just the first of many ways ‘working ‘ is going to change because of BitCoin! It is an integral part of our future, and for as little as .03BTC, you can join our exploding community, living with purpose, living to effect change for the Greater Good!!

You get invited, join free and donate .003 BitCoin to your Sponsor. That qualifies you to start receiving Donations from those below you in the System, as they upgrade to earn more! Could seem complicated to start but that’s why we’re here to coach and guide you until your business is up and running!

Free yourself from the 40/40/40 Trap and join us





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