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Imagine a community…

built on trust,
working towards a sustainable future
where people help each other and
where benefits are shared by all.

Empowr is committed to Democracy, Sharing, Sustainability and Justice.  There aim is to help half the planet earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025.

I started a month ago with the free $20.00 they gave me when I joined.  This is my balance today!


It’s important to note that this is not all profit, it is revenue and there will be deductions when I cash out.

So in short let me explain how I’m using Empowr :

Each day, we are given targets to achieve in four areas : Posting, Sharing, Listing and
Bidding.  Your targets depend on which level you are on, and your level determines how much you can earn per day.

Posting and Sharing are much like you would do on Facebook.  Let’s start with posting, as when you post you are put into the queue to be presented to the next people who are ready to share.  If you don’t post you don’t get seen, and your circle of trust cannot grow, so posting is most important.

I use my posting quota to share other projects that I endorse, such as the ShitTalkingUpAllNight group on Facebook, or the Mema program. This has been effective and I have recruited a few people into my other programs.

Sharing on Empowr helps to grow your fan base and circle if trust.  You are presented with people who have posted recently and have liked or shared one of your posts.  You earn a few cents off each post you like, share or comment on.  I like that to begin with you are presented to people that are geographically close to you, so for the first month everyone I met on Empowr lived in Cape Town and I got to actually meet a few of them and we are becoming friends.

Listing is probably the biggest challenge on Empowr, as they are quite pedantic about the items description and format, so care is required to get the listing approved.  Once approved the item is placed in the Marketplace and citizens bid on, or buy it.  You can list services or products, but only products contribute towards the daily targets.  You can list almost anything, old or new.  I opted to list items that I find cheap on Amazon, but am thinking of what type of product I want to specialize with, as there is great potential to build a real on-line store using this platform.

Finally, to meet daily targets you need to go into the marketplace and bid on a certain number of auctions.  These are the items other users have placed in the marketplace.  You will find some items going incredibly cheap, ie 0.01c and others have their prices ridiculously inflated.  I usually opt for the low cost items with free shipping.  Again, you earn money off each item you bid on and I have won a few auctions at fantastic prices.

Its really all quite fun and takes me about two hours a day.  Sometimes more if I don’t have posts or listing ready.  There training videos are great and overall the platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

I have not cashed out anything yet as earnings need to mature for 90 days before they become available for cash out.  I will update this post in 60 days time to show you how I did.

If you would like to find out more then sign up at Empowr here and take the tour.  Its free, and just for joining they give you $20.00

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back soon.





ZARFund – An Alternative Income Stream


We at Futures Secured are constantly seeking opportunities that transform into passive income.  When reviewing opportunities we ask ourselves first : What is the risk?  What is the investment?  What is the return?  What is the impact to environment?  How will the investment/return impact on these and our primary objective.It is with sheer delight that I introduce our latest opportunity as it surpasses our most stringent criteria.

ZARFund is a peer to peer donations network used to earn Bitcoin!  The transparency of the business model is second to none.  You can see immediately how much you earn and no-one… not even the ZarFund administrators… can touch your earnings.  This means that you can never lose the money you earned, no matter what happens to ZARFund as it is always in your personal wallet.

That’s right, The way ZARFund achieves transparency is by having all transactions pass through your Bitcoin wallet, NOT via their site.  This is what really caught our attention!  Crypto-currencies – such as Bitcoin – are changing the economic landscape as we know it! Right now 1 Bitcoin (BTC) trades at $632.00.  It is by far the most expensive currency available.  We love it best as it is free of any authority, and needs no trusted third parties, plus it is safe as all transactions are recorded on a public ledger.

Before you read more about ZARFund and how you can earn 164 BTC please take a look at this video so you can have a clear understanding on what Bitcoin is, and it’s true worth!

So now that you know that every transaction of Bitcoin is published publically on the blockchain and cannot be corrupted, lets take a look at ZARFund itself.

ZARFund was only started in September 2016.  In two months 80 000 people have signed up.  We have watched these stats go up by approximately 5000 people a day.  Let me explain how it works.

As mentioned ZARFund is a peer-to-peer donations network.  This means that members voluntarily give (to their upline)  and receive (from their downline) donations of Bitcoin on monthly basis.

To get in on the program you begin by donating 0.03BTC (about $20.00 worth) to the person that introduced you.  BEFORE you sign up and make this donation to become an active member, you need to have two people in mind that you will be inviting to join.  Think carefully about who you invite as they need to be dedicated to finding two of their own people!  If you do not have a large network of existing leads, consider joining MLMGateway as everyone there is into network marketing and are potential leads. You get 5 free credits on signup and earning credits without paying is simple!

Once your first donation to your immediate upline(referree) is complete you will get a link that you pass on to the two people you had in mind.

They then sign up and pay their 0.03 BTC up to you.  From these two people you invited, you earn a total of 0.06 BTC so you have your investment safely back in your Bitcoin wallet and you have a profit of 0.03 BTC. You have doubled your investment. This is Level 1 complete.

To earn off level 2 you then take 0.05 of the Bitcoin in your wallet, and pay this up to your sponsors sponsor. (The person that invited the person who invited you).  This ups your status so that you can earn from the four people your immediate downline has invited. (Level 2).  Having paid out 0.05 you still have a small profit of 0.01 in your wallet.


This goes on 6 levels deep,  you pay up to earn from below, at each level you earn a little more profit.  At the 6th level there are 64 people, each paying up 2 BTC to you, a total of 128 BTC valued at approximately $80 000.00.  Plus the income from level 1 – 5…

As each person only needs to introduce two people the matrix grows fast because any extras are slotted into the downline.  From level 3 you already earn around $1000.00 profit.

So to reiterate the main points:

You need only to invest $20.00 and invite 2 people.  If this is duplicated down 6 levels you earn in excess of $100 000.00.  ZARFund provides the platform but the money is always in your wallet so there is no risk.

As you only need to sign up 2 people any extra people you invite will be slotted in under one of your downline in order to grow the 6×2 matrix faster.

Things to remember before you sign up...

Create your bitcoin wallet first as you only have 24 hours to upgrade your ZARFund account to level 1.  If you sign up to ZARFund and do not pay in your 0.03BTC your account is deleted after 24 hours.  So save time and get your wallet first. ZARFund works best with https://blockchain.info they have had some technical challenges with other wallets.

Get a wallet now from https://blockchain.info

Once you have your wallet you will need to put some bitcoin into it.  Bitcoin can be bought and sold at many exchanges on the net.  We recommend Altcointrader (Take a quick look at what bitcoin is trading at today, and see how busy the exchange is).

Once you open a trading account I suggest you purchase 0.04 BTC.  This is sufficient to pay for your ZARFund upgrade and cover the small transaction fees.

You are now ready to open a ZARFund account.  To sign up click the link and you will notice the name of the person who invited you. These same details will be displayed in the member area once you sign up.  The amount of time you have left to join will also be displayed.  You will need to have your email address and mobile number to complete sign up.

As soon as you are logged in you need to associate your Wallet Key to your ZARFund account.  This is the wallet that will be displayed for your downline to pay into.

You are now ready to upgrade to Level 1.  You do this by paying up to your sponsor.  Follow the link inside ZARFund and you will find it is a 2 step process.

You first need to go into Blockchain to make the payment.
Step two is to advise ZARFund of the transaction number so it can check if it exists on the blockchain.

If you complete this successfully you are now able to start referring your team.  Find the links tab in ZARFund and send it to your prospective members.  Whether 2 or 64 sign up with the link, you can be assured that they will all come into your downline so you can just sit back and watch your matrix grow, ensuring that you  keep upgrading as soon as the level pays up so that you can keep earning more.

Its just so simple, low risk and high-return all it really takes is 2 people who know 2 people…

If you have any questions leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and we’ll get straight back to you.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you back soon.

Get a Blockchain Wallet

Transfer Bitcoin from altcointrader

Sign up to ZARFund















Monitoring Your Mood

MoodsKeeping a mood diary is not just for people suffering from depression! Although useful in monitoring depression, bipolar disorders and even PMS, there are many other reasons you might want to monitor your mood and the contributing factors The most obvious is that over time you can become more aware of your feelings, and the things that cause them, and you can use the data you collect to find patterns that can improve your happiness levels. For example if you are experimenting with making diet and exercise changes you may like to see how it impacts on your mood. Giving up cigarettes or narcotics may be another reason to track your mood.

Some people may already be monitoring their mood and may not be aware of it. These people know exactly when their mood changes and can predict what will happen. Others are not as in tune with their mood and changes in mood. Mood monitoring is a learning process which helps people get better in tune with their mood.
Some people have reported that their mood is either too low or too high and that they don’t have any “in-between” moods. Others have said that they can have days of ups and days of downs and some have said that they can feel both high and low in the same day. The goal of mood monitoring is to understand if mood changes, how mood changes, when it changes and is there anything happening before it changes.

What is a mood chart?

It is a simple, user driven tool that requires only a few minutes a day to complete.

It provides a visual image of how important pieces of information such as mood, exercise, medication, and life events all fit together.

Usually the chart contains space for at least the following information:

1. Date: there should be space for recording data for each day.

2. Mood scale: the scale would typically include a baseline which indicates feeling normal (low or high) and then a range of points above the baseline for elevated mood, and below the baseline for depressed mood. A scale of -3 to +3 is common, as defined by Harvard’s Dr. Peter Brigham mood chart example

3. How much sleep the person got.

4. What medication was taken and the dosage.

5. Notes: this an be a record of life events considered relevant, such as stressors, therapy sessions, family gatherings, or notes about the workplace.

In addition to the standard mood chart features as set out above, the FutureSSecured Happiness App allows you to customize what you want to track, for example if you want to measure time spent in meditation, prayer, cycling, swimming, fresh air or anything else that you feel may impact on your happiness, you can add it with a simple checkbox.

Types of Mood Charts
You can keep a paper based or electronic mood chart. There are countless freely available on the net. Research shows using an online version of a mood chart increases compliance and makes it easier to integrate your mood chart into your life. It’s also a lot more fun.

Reasons to Keep a Mood Chart

Pattern Recognition: It is a visual tool that makes it much easier to identify patterns before serious problems develop. Because there are so many factors involved (sleep, medication, life events, exercise, PMS) charting is far easier, more effective and clearer than keeping a diary or simply trying to remember everything in between visits to the doctor or other life events

Objective Evidence: You may suspect that fish oil is doing you good, or that your new medication is adding kilos to the scale, but nothing beats decisions based on collecting empirical data over a period of time.

Pre-emptive Strikes: If used to manage a condition such as bipolar, the mood chart provides an early warning system that shows when your mood is becoming unstable. This makes it possible to make changes before being caught in the middle of a major mood episode.

Self Awareness: It is helpful to be aware of when you feel any ups or downs. It gives a sense of control and makes us more sensitive to how our condition may be effecting our loved ones.

Evidence When Claiming Social Security Disability: For people with disorders it is a very useful part of your medical evidence, it can show exactly how your mood swings interfere with daily living.

Sharing your Mood Chart

Sharing charts for bipolar disorder with significant others, family, friends, therapists or medical professionals, or anyone else you consider part of your support network may be extremely helpful.

1. Sometimes others are able to pick up patterns that you miss.

2. It helps to keep your partner informed, involved and feeling trusted.

3. Sometimes symptoms show up as an inclination to be secretive, paranoid and controlling – sharing your chart is the most effective way to short circuit these feelings.

4. Knowledge is power, and power should be shared!

5. If under-going treatment the information from your mood chart is needed to create an effective Wellness Plan that is personalized for your disorder and for your Treatment Contract, giving you and your loved ones an important safety net.

6. It’s fascinating to look back over the year, compare your happiness with others, and see when our moods are in sync etc

How to Use the FutureSSecured Happiness App Mood Chart

Coming Soon!

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