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How to Open Your BlockChain Account

joinusGo to https://blockchain.info/
Make sure your URL has Blockchain Luxembourg, S.A.R.L (LU) before the Blockchain.info
You can look around the site by clicking on the menu at the top. Some interesting statistics and graphs, plus a copy of the live public ledger that records each and every BitCoin transaction!!
Now click on wallet in the top menu and click add new.
It will ask you for some details, to choose a user name and to enable 2 step security. For this you could either download Google Authenticator in your App store to your phone, or choose the SMS option. Either way you will have to click a link in your email plus enter an OTP from either Google Authenticator or SMS. I suggest you keep to the SMS so on the screen they ask you to choose your F2A, scroll to the right and you will see the SMS option available.
This is your own wallet. Nobody else can access it, no government or bank and not even ZarFund!!
In fact, the most powerful thing about Zarfund is that no funds EVER go to the program. All transactions are made in Blockchain and we only send proof of payment to Zarfund in order to progress in the Matrix. A world first, made possible by the safety and security of BlockChain!!
Now you will need to fund your account, and unless you have an upline willing to deposit the initial funds for you, you will have to open an AltCoinTrader account.
Go to https://www.altcointrader.co.za/register
Create account by adding your user name and password.
Very easy to then deposit into one of their accounts at either ABSA, FNB or Standard Bank by simply clicking on the Deposit Funds menu and follow instruction for your chosen bank.
Once you have deposited, you can transfer bitcoin to your BlockChain account! Yes, these trading platforms like AltCoinTrader can be used to convert currency. You should only ever have to transfer funds into your blockchain once, as getting 2 people in your team will earn you enough for the next 2 months’ entry of .03BTC.
Contact me when you get here and we’ll get your ZarFund business up and running for you!!
simonhuntfuturessecured@gmail.com or +27840489577 or WhatsApp – BitCoinwithFutureSSecured or
Onwards and Upwards to our new way of life!!


How Safe are Crypto-Currencies Anyway?

Are they here to stay?

My fascination with cryptocurrencies began when I realized it was a computer system that required no trusted third parties because every transaction on the ledger was distributed to every node of the network.  As an I.T Veteran I was intrigued at how they were sending this ledger to every active member and keeping it consistent while trading was happening every second. There are over eight million people trading just with blockchain.info wallets, that’s a lot of nodes to replicate to!

Bitcoin was one of the first crypto-currencies and the one I have investigated most. I chose it as Visa – who have the most powerful payments network in the world – considered extending their product using the bitcoin blockchain.  This to me speaks volumes!

While digging about finding ways to leverage off something that is busy changing the global economic landscape, I came upon the data-centers sustaining the bitcoin miners. It blew my mind! The miners must be bitcoining it! Imagine the cost of that infrastructure!   I had obviously missed that boat, I wasn’t going into the bitcoin-mining business anytime soon, that much was obvious. Still I was curious at the motivation behind those data-centers and found that only 25% of the bitcoins are left to mine, the other 75% are already in circulation. There will only ever be 21 000 000 bitcoin produced. So the 5 odd million still available to mine, valued at about $620.00 a coin, is worth $3 720 000 000.00  That’s a lot of motivation!

I was slightly put off with the negative media bitcoin received for being so active on the dark net.  Then I thought about how our other currencies pay for wars and other atrocities on man and mother earth, and wondered what’s the real difference, it’s just a currency after-all, a means of exchange!  Still it got me thinking, if it was the currency of choice for such a large percentage of dark nets economy, why had the powers that be not put a stop to bitcoin?  It turns out that the guy who developed the system made the code open-source so there are so many copies of it out there, it cannot be stopped.  Just as there are so many copies of the ledger that they would need to shutdown every node of the network at the same time and destroy the hard drives in order to ever bring it down.  Let’s face it, that ain’t going to happen!

So are crypto-currencies safe?  I think so!  What do you think?


ZARFund – An Alternative Income Stream


We at Futures Secured are constantly seeking opportunities that transform into passive income.  When reviewing opportunities we ask ourselves first : What is the risk?  What is the investment?  What is the return?  What is the impact to environment?  How will the investment/return impact on these and our primary objective.It is with sheer delight that I introduce our latest opportunity as it surpasses our most stringent criteria.

ZARFund is a peer to peer donations network used to earn Bitcoin!  The transparency of the business model is second to none.  You can see immediately how much you earn and no-one… not even the ZarFund administrators… can touch your earnings.  This means that you can never lose the money you earned, no matter what happens to ZARFund as it is always in your personal wallet.

That’s right, The way ZARFund achieves transparency is by having all transactions pass through your Bitcoin wallet, NOT via their site.  This is what really caught our attention!  Crypto-currencies – such as Bitcoin – are changing the economic landscape as we know it! Right now 1 Bitcoin (BTC) trades at $632.00.  It is by far the most expensive currency available.  We love it best as it is free of any authority, and needs no trusted third parties, plus it is safe as all transactions are recorded on a public ledger.

Before you read more about ZARFund and how you can earn 164 BTC please take a look at this video so you can have a clear understanding on what Bitcoin is, and it’s true worth!

So now that you know that every transaction of Bitcoin is published publically on the blockchain and cannot be corrupted, lets take a look at ZARFund itself.

ZARFund was only started in September 2016.  In two months 80 000 people have signed up.  We have watched these stats go up by approximately 5000 people a day.  Let me explain how it works.

As mentioned ZARFund is a peer-to-peer donations network.  This means that members voluntarily give (to their upline)  and receive (from their downline) donations of Bitcoin on monthly basis.

To get in on the program you begin by donating 0.03BTC (about $20.00 worth) to the person that introduced you.  BEFORE you sign up and make this donation to become an active member, you need to have two people in mind that you will be inviting to join.  Think carefully about who you invite as they need to be dedicated to finding two of their own people!  If you do not have a large network of existing leads, consider joining MLMGateway as everyone there is into network marketing and are potential leads. You get 5 free credits on signup and earning credits without paying is simple!

Once your first donation to your immediate upline(referree) is complete you will get a link that you pass on to the two people you had in mind.

They then sign up and pay their 0.03 BTC up to you.  From these two people you invited, you earn a total of 0.06 BTC so you have your investment safely back in your Bitcoin wallet and you have a profit of 0.03 BTC. You have doubled your investment. This is Level 1 complete.

To earn off level 2 you then take 0.05 of the Bitcoin in your wallet, and pay this up to your sponsors sponsor. (The person that invited the person who invited you).  This ups your status so that you can earn from the four people your immediate downline has invited. (Level 2).  Having paid out 0.05 you still have a small profit of 0.01 in your wallet.


This goes on 6 levels deep,  you pay up to earn from below, at each level you earn a little more profit.  At the 6th level there are 64 people, each paying up 2 BTC to you, a total of 128 BTC valued at approximately $80 000.00.  Plus the income from level 1 – 5…

As each person only needs to introduce two people the matrix grows fast because any extras are slotted into the downline.  From level 3 you already earn around $1000.00 profit.

So to reiterate the main points:

You need only to invest $20.00 and invite 2 people.  If this is duplicated down 6 levels you earn in excess of $100 000.00.  ZARFund provides the platform but the money is always in your wallet so there is no risk.

As you only need to sign up 2 people any extra people you invite will be slotted in under one of your downline in order to grow the 6×2 matrix faster.

Things to remember before you sign up...

Create your bitcoin wallet first as you only have 24 hours to upgrade your ZARFund account to level 1.  If you sign up to ZARFund and do not pay in your 0.03BTC your account is deleted after 24 hours.  So save time and get your wallet first. ZARFund works best with https://blockchain.info they have had some technical challenges with other wallets.

Get a wallet now from https://blockchain.info

Once you have your wallet you will need to put some bitcoin into it.  Bitcoin can be bought and sold at many exchanges on the net.  We recommend Altcointrader (Take a quick look at what bitcoin is trading at today, and see how busy the exchange is).

Once you open a trading account I suggest you purchase 0.04 BTC.  This is sufficient to pay for your ZARFund upgrade and cover the small transaction fees.

You are now ready to open a ZARFund account.  To sign up click the link and you will notice the name of the person who invited you. These same details will be displayed in the member area once you sign up.  The amount of time you have left to join will also be displayed.  You will need to have your email address and mobile number to complete sign up.

As soon as you are logged in you need to associate your Wallet Key to your ZARFund account.  This is the wallet that will be displayed for your downline to pay into.

You are now ready to upgrade to Level 1.  You do this by paying up to your sponsor.  Follow the link inside ZARFund and you will find it is a 2 step process.

You first need to go into Blockchain to make the payment.
Step two is to advise ZARFund of the transaction number so it can check if it exists on the blockchain.

If you complete this successfully you are now able to start referring your team.  Find the links tab in ZARFund and send it to your prospective members.  Whether 2 or 64 sign up with the link, you can be assured that they will all come into your downline so you can just sit back and watch your matrix grow, ensuring that you  keep upgrading as soon as the level pays up so that you can keep earning more.

Its just so simple, low risk and high-return all it really takes is 2 people who know 2 people…

If you have any questions leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and we’ll get straight back to you.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you back soon.

Get a Blockchain Wallet

Transfer Bitcoin from altcointrader

Sign up to ZARFund














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