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Sh!t Talking Up All night
You know those precious times you’re just chillin’, at your most relaxed with a good friend or two? Shooting the breeze with a glass of wine and the occasional spliff, musing about all and yonder?
A deep, desire of ours is to contribute, help, make better this world in the time we get to share it. Knowing that our actions will pave our own path of personal development, after all, if you’ve ever truly given something, you’ll know it evokes a much deeper energy within you than receiving something!!
So, loosely based around the teachings of James Arthur Ray, we look to categorise our discussions into what he calls the 5 Pillars, which covers all spheres of our lives, namely:

  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Relational
  • Physical
  • Mental

    We need to create harmony and fulfillment in all these spheres to truly find contentment and self satisfaction. How many rich people you know who can’t keep a steady relationship going? We say it as we see it, nobody knows all, no one will be judged. We’re looking forward to the different cultural takes on what comes up!

    Join us at www.futuressecured.com on a journey as we build dreams, goals, and desires into our lives by
    Setting our INTENTIONS for each Pillar
    Focusing our ATTENTIONS on those Intentions and
    Taking daily, concerted ACTIONS towards those chosen Attentions.

    The beauty of life is that the Zero point field, the energy structure in which we all exist is designed to ensure this will happen!
    Energy flows where attention goes – Ask and they shall receive

    Come join us in this crowd-surfing Spiritual Quest as we strive to make the biggest impact on our own and the lives around us! www.futuressecured.com/sh!ttalkingupallnight/

    You can also get involved in the discussion by joining our Facebook Group

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