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Imagine a community…

built on trust,
working towards a sustainable future
where people help each other and
where benefits are shared by all.

Empowr is committed to Democracy, Sharing, Sustainability and Justice.  There aim is to help half the planet earn an average of $25 per day by the year 2025.

I started a month ago with the free $20.00 they gave me when I joined.  This is my balance today!


It’s important to note that this is not all profit, it is revenue and there will be deductions when I cash out.

So in short let me explain how I’m using Empowr :

Each day, we are given targets to achieve in four areas : Posting, Sharing, Listing and
Bidding.  Your targets depend on which level you are on, and your level determines how much you can earn per day.

Posting and Sharing are much like you would do on Facebook.  Let’s start with posting, as when you post you are put into the queue to be presented to the next people who are ready to share.  If you don’t post you don’t get seen, and your circle of trust cannot grow, so posting is most important.

I use my posting quota to share other projects that I endorse, such as the ShitTalkingUpAllNight group on Facebook, or the Mema program. This has been effective and I have recruited a few people into my other programs.

Sharing on Empowr helps to grow your fan base and circle if trust.  You are presented with people who have posted recently and have liked or shared one of your posts.  You earn a few cents off each post you like, share or comment on.  I like that to begin with you are presented to people that are geographically close to you, so for the first month everyone I met on Empowr lived in Cape Town and I got to actually meet a few of them and we are becoming friends.

Listing is probably the biggest challenge on Empowr, as they are quite pedantic about the items description and format, so care is required to get the listing approved.  Once approved the item is placed in the Marketplace and citizens bid on, or buy it.  You can list services or products, but only products contribute towards the daily targets.  You can list almost anything, old or new.  I opted to list items that I find cheap on Amazon, but am thinking of what type of product I want to specialize with, as there is great potential to build a real on-line store using this platform.

Finally, to meet daily targets you need to go into the marketplace and bid on a certain number of auctions.  These are the items other users have placed in the marketplace.  You will find some items going incredibly cheap, ie 0.01c and others have their prices ridiculously inflated.  I usually opt for the low cost items with free shipping.  Again, you earn money off each item you bid on and I have won a few auctions at fantastic prices.

Its really all quite fun and takes me about two hours a day.  Sometimes more if I don’t have posts or listing ready.  There training videos are great and overall the platform is user-friendly and intuitive.

I have not cashed out anything yet as earnings need to mature for 90 days before they become available for cash out.  I will update this post in 60 days time to show you how I did.

If you would like to find out more then sign up at Empowr here and take the tour.  Its free, and just for joining they give you $20.00

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back soon.





Need Help Finding Leads?


Starting out with network marketing can be so frustrating.  So many people get that blank look in their eyes when you mention the word affiliate!

Fortunately MLMGateway has opened doors for all us like minded people and it’s never been easier to connect and recruit people into our teams.

The platform is extremely easy to use, all you do is sign up and you get 5 free credits.  Use each credit to connect to members that show interest in network marketing.  They are easy to find with the search facility.

Once your 5 free credits are finished you will get 1 more free credit each day, and you can also earn 10 free credits for everyone that you invite.

If you use your free credits wisely and get members to sign up to your offers, then it is well worth paying the $24.00 to become a premiere member.  Naturally if you have enough of a network that you can invite, there will never be a need to upgrade.

They also have a fantastic affiliate offer where you earn up to 50% Lifetime Commission from your referee Purchases.

The platform is international and it is by far the best lead generator I have come across.

Sign up here and get your first 5 leads



How to Open Your BlockChain Account

joinusGo to https://blockchain.info/
Make sure your URL has Blockchain Luxembourg, S.A.R.L (LU) before the Blockchain.info
You can look around the site by clicking on the menu at the top. Some interesting statistics and graphs, plus a copy of the live public ledger that records each and every BitCoin transaction!!
Now click on wallet in the top menu and click add new.
It will ask you for some details, to choose a user name and to enable 2 step security. For this you could either download Google Authenticator in your App store to your phone, or choose the SMS option. Either way you will have to click a link in your email plus enter an OTP from either Google Authenticator or SMS. I suggest you keep to the SMS so on the screen they ask you to choose your F2A, scroll to the right and you will see the SMS option available.
This is your own wallet. Nobody else can access it, no government or bank and not even ZarFund!!
In fact, the most powerful thing about Zarfund is that no funds EVER go to the program. All transactions are made in Blockchain and we only send proof of payment to Zarfund in order to progress in the Matrix. A world first, made possible by the safety and security of BlockChain!!
Now you will need to fund your account, and unless you have an upline willing to deposit the initial funds for you, you will have to open an AltCoinTrader account.
Go to https://www.altcointrader.co.za/register
Create account by adding your user name and password.
Very easy to then deposit into one of their accounts at either ABSA, FNB or Standard Bank by simply clicking on the Deposit Funds menu and follow instruction for your chosen bank.
Once you have deposited, you can transfer bitcoin to your BlockChain account! Yes, these trading platforms like AltCoinTrader can be used to convert currency. You should only ever have to transfer funds into your blockchain once, as getting 2 people in your team will earn you enough for the next 2 months’ entry of .03BTC.
Contact me when you get here and we’ll get your ZarFund business up and running for you!!
simonhuntfuturessecured@gmail.com or +27840489577 or WhatsApp – BitCoinwithFutureSSecured or
Onwards and Upwards to our new way of life!!

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